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I have been conducting writing workshops for seven years. I have had tremendous success and joy inspiring writers to express themselves more powerfully and to free themselves from "writer's resistance."  My students have always discovered deeper levels of creativity within themselves during the workshops.
I utilize an experiential learning process. Every week you will encounter new exercises to stimulate your creativity and experience you story from new perspectives.  You will learn by doing, not by passively sitting in a chair and listening to a lecture. 
Writing can often be stressful.  We tend to hold ourselves to high standards and waver between high expectations and fear of failure. It's important to have some fun along the way.  The workshop evenings are always infused with laughter.  Although we all take our writing very seriously, we manage to have fun as well.
I challenge my students to go beyond their boundaries.  They gain new knowledge and useful writing tools regardless of the level of their experience. They are often amazed by the improvement in their writing.
Call me to discuss your writing needs. I am also available for one on one sessions. 

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